Tips to approach a direction sense test


Hey guys,
Thanks for your views and comments. Today we will pick one more interesting as well as important topic of reasoning i.e directions.

Many students feel that this is very complex as they find that this topic includes lots of diagrams but let me know one thing , do all of you know that sun rises from the east and sets in west?


Kashmir is in north and kanyakumari in south? West bengal is in east and Gujarat in west ? Do you agree with me on these points, look at the map of India and check it once and if you already know these things 50% of the job is done and for the rest 50% scroll down.

Directions questions asked in the exam are based on two principles

  1. Distance
  2. Direction

You might be asked to calculate either of this. The first thing you need to do is either visualize or draw a basic map.








Let’s take a case :

A. If I move 4 km towards east and then I travel 3 km towards north. What is my distance from the starting point?

Soln– First thing that you should keep in your mind is that your starting point is always the center of the direction map.

Now draw the map according to the directions.


Ohhh !! This is a right angled triangle and here I am supposed to calculate nothing bur hypotenuse and for that Mr. Pythagoras has already given a theorem, let us use it to find the answer.

Pythagoras says:  Hypotenuse2  =  Perpendicular2 +Base2
H2 = 32 + 42
= 9+16 

Hence , H = 5 km.

So, I am 5 Km away from my starting point. Simple ??

B. What if you are asked to find the direction, Let suppose If I move 4 km towards east and then I travel 3 Km towards north. In which direction I am from the starting point ?

Soln Draw the map and try to superpose the direction map like this



Now, can you tell me where am I ? I am in North east direction from my starting point.

C.What if I walked 3 km towards south and then 4 km towards west?  In which direction I am from starting point now ?


Ohhh!! I reached south west. Now are you getting idea how to calculate distance and analyze directions ??

Let’s solve some miscellaneous cases.
D.  A person starts from position A. He goes towards the east and then takes a right turn .Again the person takes a left turn and moves and then again he move 45 degree right. In which direction he is from the starting position?

Soln Whenever such question comes consider yourself in place of the person mentioned and enjoy walking.


So, the person is in south east direction of the starting point. Look at the way I am drawing the maps , follow the same and you will never make a mistake in solving these questions. Always draw a reference map of NSEW  as drawn above so that you are clear with the direction.

E.  A person P is standing at a point , another person Q is standing in the north of P. Q’s friend R is in right of Q and P’s friend S is standing left of P.In which direction S is standing with respect to R.


Can you figure out the answer now ? S is in south west direction w.r.t R.

And in which direction is R with respect to S ?


R is in North east direction w.r.t S .

F. I start from my house and go straight and come at a cross road. The road which is coming from opposite direction ends at a hospital. When I walk from my house and turn right , there is a park on that road and opposite to park there is a school.What would be the direction of my house from the school.

Soln–  When such case come where you are allowed to walk straight and no particular direction is given, you can assume any direction. Let’s suppose I am walking towards EAST.


So, My house is in south west direction from the school.Many students face difficulties to determine the direction even after successfully drawing the diagram.

Remember this point.
Can you see I have drawn a reference map above. Whenever you are asked questions  like -in which direction is my house from school, consider school at the middle point of you reference map and then look at the superpose figure, you will find that your house is in south west direction. This is very simple.

What would be direction of school from my house ?

Now in this case just consider your house at the middle point of the reference map, now can you determine direction of the school ?


School is in North east direction from my house.


Always remember these two points:
1. Sun rises in the EAST then it shadow will be in the WEST.
2. Sun sets in the WEST then it shadow will be in the EAST.

You can be asked questions related to these such as:

G. Ranbir kapoor went for a shooting and is facing towards the NORTH. At sunrise where will his shadow be? And if he is facing SOUTH. Then where will his shadow be?


If Ranbir is facing north, his shadow will be in west or to his left.


And If he is facing south his shadow will be in west or towards his right.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, There are few points you need to remember before approaching to directions problem.

  1. Direction : N S E W.
  2. Left –Right.
  3. Straight / opposite.
  4. Sunrise and sunset.

Stay tuned, leave back your comments and till then Eat Pray Calculate Analyze Repeat.

(Written by Yeshu)



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